Thursday, October 30, 2014

nu tru bonanza - neojunglizm + retrojunglizm from Kloke to Rumbleton

Project Squared / Sub Squared label founder Paul Cooper drops a tasty mix of "new old" jungle tracks from the last few years. One of them is off Kloke's forthcoming "First Light" EP on Sub Squared. 
01 Lee Gamble - Pandemonium Institute (Pan, 2013)
02 Hate - Darkcore (Hate, 2008)
03 Pearson Sound - Crimson (Beat Ritual Mix) (Hessle Audio, 2013)
04 Ramadanman - Don't Change For Me (Hessle Audio, 2010)
05 Pearson Sound - Blanked (Hessle Audio, 2010)
06 Shed - Fluid 67 (50Weapons, 2013)
07 Tessela - Nancy's Pantry (R&S, 2013)
08 Pev - Aztec Chant (Livity Sound, 2013)
09 Perc - Take Your Body Off (Tessela Remix) (Perc Trax, 2014)
10 Hate - Cunning Love (Hate, 2008)
11 Etch - Lost Methods (Keysound, 2013)
12 Andrea – You Still Got Me (Daphne, 2010)
13 Millie & Andrea – Ever Since You Came Down (Daphne, 2009)
14 SW. - Reminder (Burriddim Mix By DJ Sotofett) (SUED, 2013)
15 Anodyne - At The Gates Of Hell (Yellow Machines, 2014)
16 Hate - Submariner (Hate, 2009)
17 Sully - Blue (Logos Vapour Dub)(Keysound, 2014)
18 Kloke - Space & Time (Sub Squared, forthcoming late 2014)

Cooper's mix reminded me that Droid had pointed me towards a bunch of superior examples of the "tru nu" / rinse-retro-replica style, commenting that in his view "there is still a huge amount of potential in the jungle sound which hasn't been explored, potential that's there because of the massive amount of rhythmic and stylistic diversity of 93-95, which was shut down quite early - I see both amen and two-step as forms of consolidation."

Many of the producers deliberately revert to using old fashioned hardware - Akai, Amiga etc - to get the right vibe. 

What follows is a mega selection of wicked timewarp tunes, with Droid's comments in quotes.

"There's Ricky of course, who despite his amen addiction is still putting out great tunes in a metalheadz 96/97 kinda vibe"

"Dwarde is one of the Akai guys. Pretty young, but been around the scene for years. Hes got a great sensibility and ear. Reminds me a bit of the early Lucky Spin sound"

"Squatski/Phineus 2. Really high hopes for him. Another Akai/hardware dude."

"Some interesting stuff from the Amiga Akai YT crew"

"Dwarde put me onto this guy. [Earl Grey] Very diverse sound to his stuff"

"Reactiv - again, its more jungly d+B, but the quality shines through. Nebula along similar lines, both from the Sci-Wax stable."

"This guy [Anthony D] is all hardware and does some nice jungle and electronica crossover stuff. Really nice feel to his stuff"

And a couple more suggestions from Droid

Tim Reaper

And the splendidly named Rumbleton


a breakbeat breakdown

not sure if actually being able to identify them in tracks  is going to actually intensify my enjoyment of those tracks

but a good 32, 33 of them were as familiar to me as the face of old friend

more in-depth breakdown of jungle and drum + bass breaks, with the original creators identified and a famous example of a jungle/D+B track that used it, plus other specifications

[tip off from Droid]

mystery Moving Shadow act

Dem who? 

before I Luv U

very early Dizzee track "Win"

Dissensus thread about it