Monday, August 22, 2016

adrift on memorE bliss

(via Jon Dale)

not quite as dreamy, but also a studied recreation done for purposes unknown

(also via Jon Dale)


pre-hardcore mixes

tuff mixes from Imaginary Forces in his Basic Rhythm guise - that revisit 90-91 when we thought of the music - breaksy bleepsy bassy as it was -  as simply techno, or even just as house

the new chillout

this next one particularly woozadelic especially from about the 26 minutes mark onwards!

(via FACT magazine)

this is quite funny - yet trippy - yet campy -  a cappella-delic voicescape cover of "One In A Million"

he also does beat-ier stuff

like this which is filed as 'jungle'

"bogan happy hardcore"

can see very faint echoes of the sharpies dance in these moves - the geometric foot work

Spiral through time