Wednesday, January 11, 2017

(c)old rush 94, or, Ajax for the Ears!

Toby Reynolds (no relation) aka DJ Scud with a 94-circa hardtekno ravekore mix


Some of my favourite tunes from the zenith of the creative (c)old rush of the '90s. It was all going down in '94! Jungle was on the rise; the CJB was looming; The Spirals had just emigrated to France; but the bunkers and warehouses were still dripping with sweat, blistering hard analogue mayhem and pounding kick drums. Neck that wrap of speed, put on your urban camo and dance into the strobes!
01. Difficult Child: Big Bang (Magnetic North 06)
02. VCF: Start of the Art (Magnetic North 08)
03. No Face: Love or Kill (Praxis 06)
04. Fly by Wire: Last Voyage (Magnetic North 09)
05. Centuria City: The Dungeon (Hot Trax 2931)
06. Program 1: MF SKulls (PCP)
07. Death: Electronic Realisations Chapter 1 (Trope 10)
08. Cyberchrist: Salvation (DJ.ungle Fever 10)
09. No Face: Master of the Lost Souls (Praxis 6)
10. Woody McBride: Talking to the Sun (Magnetic North 11)
11. Koenig Cylinders: Liberation (IST 06)
12. Nick East: Increased Outline (Drop Bass Network 11)
13. The Crusher: Red Lights (Kickin 50)
14. Sulfurex: Point Break (Extortion 01)
15. Disasta Blasta: 2 Hard (SS 15)
16. Distortion Bastardz: A2 (SS 06)
17. Liquid Bump: Flood (Hot Trax 2924)
18. Nick East: Access (Drop Bass Network 11)
19. Diesel M: M-Ziq Mix (Choci's Chewns Blue 01)
20. DJ Jackal: Drumtrax Pt.1 (Praxis 9)
21. Biochip C: Untitled (DJ.ungle Fever 05)
22. Ilsa Gold: Elizabeth Short's 78 Hours Rave (Main Frame 11)
23. Zekt: Dreamstate (Drop Bass Network 20)
24. Liquid Bump: Kickquake (Hot Trax 2924)
25. Zekt: External (Adam & Eve 14)
26. Gringo: Slayer (Mono Tone 24)
27. M.C.P: Untitled (Fischkopf 4)
28. DJ Bleed: Sexy Intelligence Council (DHR 02)
29. Mescalinum United: Symphonies of Steel Part 1 (PCP)
30. Woody McBride: Hellion (Drop Bass Network 02)
31. Mooses on Acid: MC 202 BPM (Drop Bass Network 15)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

fave raves

little promo-thing around S+A i did for iD about me fave clubs /raves ever   (not sure why they didn't ask for fave glam tunes, then)

leitmotif theme: the crowd-as-star